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Information on Venice and city guide: the website proposes himself so. It offers information to reach the City, wants to be guide with routes and visits to the lagoon islands. Other indispensable information are given by the useful numbers for being booked an evening of music, a theatre or find some contacts. This site is your guide and recommends you interesting things to be done and be seen in Venice.

Venice - unique, magic and unrepeatable. A City born from the foam of the sea like Venus, the splendid goddess of beauty.

The City is built on the water. It stands on forests of piles, installed centuries ago to support the City. Venice has been defended by its lagoon throughout the ages and forever its destiny will be linked to water.

Many ships arrived from the sea, loaded with spices, precious silk fabrics and treasures that made the City that much more beautiful.

The most famous painters of every era immortalized that magnificence with their colours. Vivaldi and Goldoni handed down to us its eighteenth century soul.

Venice seen from high has shape of a fish; the City is split in two parts by the Grand Canal, an extraordinary boulevard made of water, with a lot of stately buildings and the monumental Rialto Bridge.Scala del Bovolo, Contarini Palace

It is comprised of 118 islands divided by over 200 channels and linked up by about 400 bridges. The streets are called "Calli" from latin callis - path: there are more than 3000 Calli and it's so easy and pleasant getting lost in this labirinth made of history and picturesque corners.

Anyway this is not only a city to read about but fairly to discover and live.

In InnVenice we have compiled many pages of helpful information for you, whether you are planning a short visit or if you choose to stay for many days or even only to satisfy your curiousity. InnVenice is a guide written by a real Venetian.

We hope that our suggestions and information will help you in planning your stay in our beautiful City.

Have a nice journey!

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