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Venice Cruise Terminal is located in the west area of the city, between Tronchetto Island and Piazzale Roma. In this area there are 3 terminals (cruises, ferries and hydrofoils). The number of passengers in 2007 was more than 1.500.000 and is always growing, confirming Venice as a favourite destination for many travellers. There are more than 30 active cruise companies in the Port of Venice. The company that manages the Port of Venice area is "Venezia Terminal Passeggeri", phone: +39 041 2403000. For people that wish to go straight to the Venice Cruise Terminal by car, there are 3 paying car parks with attendants available named Park 1-2-3 (cost per day 10 euros). Buses are allowed to park in Park 3 (daily rate € 20). Parking in these areas is allowed only to cruise passengers.

There are a few different ways to get into the Venice Cruise Terminal:



The main companies like Costa, Minoan and many others, offer a free shuttle (bus) that leaves Piazzale Roma to Venice Cruise Terminal on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. The shuttle leaves every 15-20 minutes and is often offered by all the cruise companies even during other days of the week. The same shuttle is available in the nearby of Venice Cruise Terminal entrance, at the beginning of dock #107.

By a private taxi the Port of Venice is reachable in about 5 minutes.

By bus line 6/, (to Tronchetto, every 20 minutes). It's possible to arrive very close to Venice Cruise Terminal, (ticket costs EUR 1,30).

Venice Cruise Terminal: ship


It's possible to cross the new Ponte della Costituzione (Constitution Bridge), then, as you arrive to Piazzale Roma there is a free shuttle provided by the cruise companies, (see above).

You can take the public waterbus lines provided by Actv (vaporetti) and get off at Piazzale Roma, then, to go to the dock, see above.

Taking a watertaxi and getting off at the Cruise Terminal is the most expensive solution. It's practical in the case of groups because it is possible to share the ride, (and the fare) among more people.

Cruise ship


Taking bus line 2, whose stop is just in front of the station, you can reach Venice, then, in order to arrive to the docks, see above.

Taking a taxi you can reach the Cruise Terminal in less than 15 minutes.


By bus Actv line 5 you'll reach Venice-Piazzale Roma (30 minute-ride, cost 6€), then to arrive to the docks, see above. Alternatively you can take the faster bus Atvo (20 minute-ride, ticket costs 6€).

Taxis take a 20-minute ride to get into the Cruise Terminal.

Venice Cruise Terminal: San Basilio

By a watertaxi you'll arrive at the Cruise docks in about one hour.

If you don't have any time constraints to reach the Cruise Terminal, but you wish to take a ride along the lagoon, you can take a waterbus provided by Alilaguna (fare 15 euros).


You have to drive all along the Liberty Bridge (Ponte della Libertà), that links the mainland to Venice. Then, at the first traffic light, turn right, straight on for about 200 metres till you get to the Cruise Terminal entrance.

Ferry Terminal


The Ferry Terminal, also known as Pier 123, is located between the Isle of Tronchetto and the basin of the Venice Cruise Term., in an area far away from the city.


The Hydrofoils Terminal is located in an area of the Venice Cruise Terminal closer to the urban centre. It has the dock in S. Basilio, at a few dozens of metres from the homonym waterbus stop (lines 2-6). The Hydrofoils dock is easily accessible even from the Venice Train Station Santa Lucia (about 15 min.) or from the car parks (about 10 min.).

Vaporetto Alilaguna to St. Mark's

From Venice Cruise Terminal is possible to get to St. Mark's Giardinetti stop by the service provided by Alilaguna (Marrone Line), it's a 20 minute-ride and costs 7,00 euros (round-trip € 13,00), luggage costs 3,00 euros. This service is granted only in case there are ships at Venice Cruise Terminal's docks. Children under 4 years travel for free.


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