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In Venice is possible to choose between public transportation (bus-boats called "vaporetti" and bus in the mainland) and private transportation (watertaxi in the historical center, car taxi in the mainland and at Lido of Venice). Actually there are 3 public companies offering means of transportation in Venice: Actv, Atvo and Alilaguna.



The company Actv runs the water transportation (vaporetti) and the land transportation as well (bus and trolley-cars soon). This service gives to the City an efficient network of transportation. Lines 1 and 2 (vaporetti) makes it easy for tourists to travel along the Grand Canal. Line 3 was available for residents only till the 2nd of November 2008.

The fare for one ride is 7,00 euros (valid for 1 hour). If you plan to ride the "vaporetto" at less three times per day you can save money by purchasing a 1-day pass Actv (20 euros), which is valid 24 hours from the moment you stamp it. For different stays are also available following options: 12-hour pass, (18 €); 36-hour pass, (25 €); 48-hour pass (30 €); 72-hour pass, (35 EUR); 7-day pass, (50 €). The ferry ride costs 3 €. Children till 6 years of age travel free.

Here are the Actv fares in Euro from the 1st of May 2012 for bus transportation: EUR 1,30; on board EUR 2,50; Piazzale Roma-Airport EUR 6,00. Tickets are valid for 75 minutes. Round-trips are not permitted.


From the 1st of May 2008 was put into operation the card Imob, with microchips and recharged, which actually performs the functions that previously had the Carta Venezia (and will replace it soon). You can apply for and purchase at the following ticket offices IMOB-Hello Venezia.

Here are the rates for owners of the Carta Venezia-Imob for lines of waterbus transportation Actv (vaporetto): 1,30€ one-way, tickets bought on board 2,50€; bus + vaporetto (90 minutes) 2,00€; ferry 0,60€.

You can purchase your ticket at the main stops and you have to validate it before getting on the "vaporetto". For further information please contact hellovenezia , phone +39 041 2424.

Venice cards

Moreover are available the "Venice Cards", these cards allow you the unlimited use of public transportation, free admittance to the Venice Civic Museums and to public toilets. The cards are available at following resellers.

Young people between 14 and 29 years old, could consider buying the Rolling Venice Card, that offers reductions on ticket of public transportation in Venice. Moreover it offers discounts inside of shops, restaurants, bars etc. that are associated. Phone +39 041 2424. In the city you can purchase the Rolling Venice Card at the Actv-Vela office in Piazzale Roma (+39 041 2747650, 7am-8pm) or at the kiosks next to S. Marco, Rialto, Ferrovia vaporetto stops.

Bus to Chioggia-Sottomarina

Transportation to Chioggia. It's possible getting to Chioggia from Venice by public transportation: autobus and "vaporetto". From Venice-Piazzale Roma is available a regular transportation service by autobus (line 80, Sottomarina) that, along the motorway "Romea", permits to get to Chioggia by a 60-minute ride. In summer (from May 31 to September 30) is available the direct line of transportation "Clodia" by boat (vaporetti) with departures from stop Venice-Pietà (the stop is located in front of the omonim church, unique departure at 5pm); the same vaporetto, towards Venice, leaves from Isola dell'Unione at 9,05am and Piazzetta Vigo at 9,15am. In winter does not exist a direct transportation by water to Chioggia, to get there along the seaside you have to take a bus #11 departing from Lido-Piazzale Maria Elisabetta that crosses both islands of Lido and Pellestrina by ferry as well.


Transportation to Punta Sabbioni-Jesolo. It's easy to get to Punta sabbioni by transporation by a direct speedboat line (motonave) offered by Actv, with departures from Venice-Pietà. From Punta Sabbioni you can go to Jesolo by Atvo autobus. Atvo offers a transportation service by bus from Jesolo to Venice (and vice versa).

Transportation to Lido. It's possible getting to Lido di Venezia by the service of vaporetto transportation provided by Actv (fare 7,00€). From Piazzale Roma or the train station is possible to take the line 1: it's one-hour ride. You can also take l. 5.2 that goes around Venice, side north (50-minute ride). L. 5.1 is faster, riding a tour around the south part of the city (37-minute ride). The faster vaporetto for transportation to Lido is l. 6 that arrives in only 33 min. but is available only during working-days. From Burano, Treporti and Punta Sabbioni to get to Lido of Venice is available the line of transportation LN. From Venice Airport to arrive to Lido are available the lines of transportation Rossa and Blu provided by Alilaguna (see list below), the linking requires about one hour.


Ferry-boat. Actv moreover offers a transportation service for cars by ferry-boat from Tronchetto-Venice to S.Nicolò-Lido (and vice versa), and from Punta Sabbioni to S. Nicolò (and vice versa). Tickets are available by the ticket-offices before boarding. The fares of Venice ferry-boat transportation are drivers excluded.

Atvo Atvo Bus Terminal

The transportation company Atvo telephone +39 041 383671, runs the bus transportation along the eastern Veneto, linking the International Airport Marco Polo (6 EUR) and Canova (6 €, 11 € round-trip good 7 days) to Mestre train station and the city of Venice. Transportation of luggage is for free. Atvo offers transportation from Venice to Cortina as well (Saturdays and Sundays only).


The transportation company Alilaguna has 5 lines of "Vaporetti" linking M. Polo to Venice: "Blu", "Rossa", "Arancio", "Gialla" and "Oro". The fares are as follows:





Murano Colonna, Murano Museo

8,00 euros


Fondamente Nove, Arsenale, Guglie, Lido (Santa Maria Elisabetta), Madonna dell'Orto, Rialto, Sant'Angelo, San Marco, San Zaccaria, Zattere, Stazione Marittima.

15 euros

Characteristic boats in Venice Lagoon


Since a long time ago the transporation in Venice were carry out for convenience by boat. Before the coming of boats activated by steam, in Venice the transportation boats were furnished by sails (like the "Bragozzi", typical boats for fishing, still used in Chioggia) or by rows. Every kind of rowing-boat had a specific use. The "Caorlina" is a boat for heavy transportation originary from Caorle and is rowed by six people. Another boat for heavy transportation used in Venice was the "Peata" that was drown by oxen or by horses when it went up a river. The "Vipera" was used by smugglers. The "Sciopòn" was particularly used to go hunting. The "Pupparino", the "Mascareta", the "Gondola" and the "Gondolino" represent the typical pleasure crafts of the Lagoon. They are still used in the regattas: the most celebrated is the "Regata Storica" on the first Sunday of September, every year.

Since 1873 was active a service carryed by "vaporetti" among Venice, Jesolo and Chioggia. But it was only from the 15th of September 1881 that the vaporetto started to offer a regular transportation service (under the supervision of Alessandro Finella) along the Grand Canal. Despite many protests made by the gondoliers of that age, the vaporetto became soon popular to Venetian people and actually is considered the most used boat in the Lagoon.

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