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Arriving into Venice by train is surely both cheaper and easy as the train station is located in the City. Venice train station is called Santa Lucia, as you get out you find the stops of the main "vaporetto" (public waterbus transportation) lines managed by Actv, (if you wish to go to St. Mark's Square by vaporetto, take line 1 or 2).

In the website of Ferrovie dello Stato is possible to check out the train timetable, for further information: tel. 041 892021 (in Italy only). For information on train fares and reservations, please call tel. +39 041 785670.

Santa Lucia train station

Before to get into Venice every train stops at Mestre train station (called Venezia-Mestre). A Regional train stops at the small stop "Porto Marghera" as well; then, after crossing the long bridge "ponte ferroviario" that links the mainland to the City, the train gets to Venice train station: Venezia Santa Lucia.

In case you have heavy luggage, we suggest you to go towards the beginning of track #1, you'll find an exit with a long inclined plane, in this way you'll avoid to carry with difficulty your luggage down the long stairs.

left-luggage office

A left-luggage office (baggage room) is available beside of track 1, opening hours: 6am-11,00pm. The price per piece is 5.00 euros for the first five hours. Rate for seven following hours: 0.70 € per hour. From the thirteenth hour the cost is 0.30 € per hour. For information, tel. +39 041 785531. For the lost property office (lost and found), please contact: ph. +39 041 785238.

The tourist office at the Venice train station is located near the main exit. It's open daily 8am to 6,30pm, (phone +39 041 5298711).

Train ticket offices

Train ticket offices have following opening hours: 5,50am-9,00pm. Moreover are available many automatic ticket machines. In order to buy train kilometrical distance tickets to Mestre (EUR 1,20), Treviso (EUR 2,90), Padua (EUR 3,60); Vicenza (EUR 5,25) and Verona (euros 7,60), we suggest you to buy these at the tobacconist located in the entrance. In this way you could avoid sometimes long queues and long waits.

San Simeon Piccolo

As you get out from the train station you can see immediately the Grand Canal, the nice Ponte (bridge) degli Scalzi and San Simeon Piccolo Church (neoclassic style) with its huge dome.

In order to go both to Rialto Bridge or to St. Mark's on foot, you have to turn left down Lista di Spagna and simply follow the landmarks towards downtown. Usually it's a 30 minute walk, but above all during the special events, like Carnival, the times to cover the distance are longer because of the great mass of people that slows down the traffic.


The closest airport to Venice is "Marco Polo", located in Tessera (VE). Another airport close to the City is "Canova", near Treviso (Sant'Angelo).

Venice Airport

Venice - International Airport Marco Polo

For further information about flights: phone +39 041 2609260. The left-luggage office in the airport is located on ground floor and has following opening hours: 5am-9pm, all week. The price per piece is 4,50 euros every 24 hours. Phone +39 041 2605043. The "Lost and found" office is open 9am-7pm, ph. +39 041 2609222.

In order to get to Venice from this airport, approximately 12 Km. far from the City, you can choose among different means of transportation, the most convenient are obviously public:

Alilaguna departures

Alilaguna lines: Rossa, Blu, Oro, Arancio and Gialla (public waterbus transporation) from the Airport to Venice - main stops like Fondamente Nove, San Marco, Lido etc.. Alilaguna stop is located at about a 5 minute walk from the airport. We suggest you, in case you have heavy luggage, to carry it by the free trolley carts available just outside the Airport arrival hall. Furthermore we recommend you to buy your tickets for Alilaguna rides in the ticket office located just in front of the stop or you'll pay an additional 1 euro on rack fare.

Bus Atvo from Airport to Venice-Piazzale Roma, one ticket costs 6€, (more comfortable, seats only, luggage transportation for free).

Bus line 5

Bus Actv 5-AeroBus from Airport to Venice-Piazzale Roma, the fare is 6 euros, (20-minute ride).

It's possible to get from the Airport to Venice by car taxi as well, phone +39 041 5237774 (approximately 27,00 €, 20-minute ride), or by waterbus taxi, (approximately 90,00-100,00 €, 30-40 minutes).

The airport to ensure safe the phases of landing and take-off has been provided with a service of falconry to be used in the case were present some flights of birds inside the area.

There is a car parking available just outside the airport: "Marco Polo Park", for info, phone +39 041 5415913.

In order to go from Venice airport to Mestre train station (Venezia-Mestre) can be taken a bus of the company Atvo.

Treviso - Treviso Airport

Atvo bus

Treviso airport (for further information: phone +39 0422 315111), is approximately 30 Km. (19 miles) far from the City, the most convenient mean of transportation to Venice-Piazzale Roma is the Atvo bus (1 hour ride). Ryan Air, Transavia and Sky Europe: these companies have offices available in the airport. Arriving by plane in Treviso and then reach Venice represents a cheaper solution, even if slightly uncomfortable (due to the distance). If your plane will arrive in late evening, you should remember that the rides of "vaporetti" in Venice after 11pm are considerably reduced, and this may cause inconvenience to reach your hotel.

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