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There are still some cheap restaurants in Venice, the quality and the price are very different (less expensive in case you choose a touristic menu). Some cheap restaurants in Venice are named as "Osterie" (some time ago it was possible to eat there only appetizers, "toothpick munchies", and to drink wine, but actually these are real restaurants) and "Trattorie" (family-run restaurants). If you have not ever been in Venice, I think the best rule is to follow the suggestions of some citybooks as the authors often try cheap restaurants in advance before listing them in their books. My hint is to try restaurants a little bit outside of the main streets as these could be crowded and serve tourist bad food at expensive prices. Moreover when you are in Venice you may ask to the locals for some good but cheap restaurants. They will be happy to show you a traditional place offering cheap meals. The cheap restaurants listed in this page are my favorite. Please note that many cheap restaurants in Venice are closed on Sunday. During Venice low season, (January-February, except Carnival), many cheap restaurants are closed for holidays.

Trattoria Chinellato (budget)

Trattoria Chinellato Venice, Calle degli Albanesi 4227, Castello, close to the ancient Prisons.

Open everyday: 10,00-15,00.

Special plates: spaghetti with clam sauce, liver venetian style.

Among cheap family run restaurants in downtown.

Information: phone +39 041 5236025.

Osteria al Ponte ex Ardenghi (cicchetteria)

Osteria al Ponte Venice, Cannaregio 6369, in front of the facade of San Giovanni e Paolo basilica, cross Ponte Cavallo and turn right along the first alley on the right, Calle de la Testa. It is just a few steps from the previous location.

Opening hours: 7,30am-3,30pm and 4,30pm-10pm. All week.

It's not possible to classify it in the "restaurants" category but it proposes delicious plates of fresh fish at a cheap price. In this cicchetteria are available about 40 seats and the owners provide to their clients a lot of sympathy!

Special plates: toothpick munchies (cicchetti) and Veneto wines.

For info: tel. +39 041 5286157.

Osteria al Mascaron 

Mascaron Venice, Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa 5225, Castello.

Opening times: from 12am to 3pm and from 5pm to 11pm. Closed on Sunday.

Specialties: sardines in "saor" (marinated with onions), spaghetti with cuttlefish.

Like many city restaurants this place offers seafood dishes only.

Info and reservations: phone +39 041 5225995, fax +39 041 5230744.

Osteria da Alberto

Osteria da Alberto Venice, Calle Giacinto Gallina 5401, Cannaregio. It's between San Giovanni e Paolo Square and Chiesa dei Miracoli.

Opening times: from 10,30am to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm. Closed on Sunday.

Specialties: reconstituted dried salt cod served with polenta, spaghetti with cuttlefish.

Among the cheap restaurants that offer mainly seafood dishes.

Info and reservations: tel. +39 041 5238153.

Osteria al Dose

Osteria al Dose Venice, Calle del Dose 5870/A, Castello. It's located between Santa Maria Formosa Square and Santa Marina Square.

Opening times: from 12am to 3pm and from 6,30pm to 10,30pm. Closed on Sundays.

Among cheap restaurants we absolutely recommend this property.

Specialty: Tortelloni.

Information: phone +39 041 2411991

Osteria alla Staffa Osteria alla Staffa (cicchetti bar)

Venice, Calle de l'Ospealeto 6398, Castello. It's located near San Giovanni e Paolo Square, it has a cheap menu.

Open from 11,00am-3,00pm and 6,00pm-10,30pm.

Special plates: toothpick munchies (cicchetti).

Info: tel. +39 041 5239160.

Pizzeria alla Strega

Pizzeria alla Strega Venice, Barbaria de le Tole 6418, Castello. It's near Campo San Giovanni e Paolo.

Open: from 12am to 3pm and from 7pm to 10pm. Closed on Wednesday.

Specialties: pizza Harry Potter, pizza Flash Gordon, pizza strega.

Among the cheap restaurants in Venice this is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween!

Info: tel. +39 041 5286497.

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