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Venice rentals are available for all exigence. In Venice there are rentals for motorboats, cars, bikes, houseboats and rowing-boats as well.


Spending a day along the canals or discovering the lagoon is a very interesting experience. Renting a boat and wonder along the "Rii" means to see Venice from its most hidden side: from the water is possible to admire some picturesque sights otherwise unreachable during a normal walk.

Redentore, fireworks In order to rent some boats for the magic night of "Redentore", with fireworks, it will be necessary to book far in advance.

Here are some rentals companies that offer both big or small boats for rent. These are located at only a 5 minute walk from the train station, near Ponte (bridge) delle Guglie:

Brussa is Boat: phone +39 041 715787. Opening hours: 7,30am-5,30pm. Rates: 1 hour, 25 euros + VAT; 1 day, 150 euros + VAT. The cost of gasoline is included in the rate.

Brussa Cristiano: phone +39 041 2750196.

CAR RENTALS Venice - Piazzale Roma: Many of these rentals companies are located in Venice Marco Polo International Airport as well.

Venice car rentals Autorent: phone +39 041 5204880

Avis: phone +39 041 5225825 - reservations tel. +39 199 100133

Europcar: contact +39 041 5238616 - reservations tel. +39 800 014410

Hertz: telephone +39 041 5284091 - reservations tel. +39 199 112211

Beside these travel agencies is located the Novotour company, (S. Croce, 496/FG, tel. +39 041 5238879, opening time: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-12am), specialized in excursions around Venice Lagoon.

BIKE RENTALS - Lido bike rentals lido

A valid alternative to the crowded beaches of Lido di Venezia would be to rent a bike and ride the entire island, even to Malamocco (the ancient Metamaucus destroyed by a seaquake was seat of the republican government before Venice), and to enjoy a relaxing time far away from the traffic jam. Another interesting itinerary is Lido-Chioggia (about 21 Km.) that must be completed crossing the canals of Malamocco and Chioggia by ferry boat. The ride begins pedalling along the Gran Viale, directing towards the sea, then turns right down the Marconi Sea Front, it's possible to see on the left the protections erected at the time of the Republic Of Venice, the "Murazzi" (1716 - 1744). It goes on to Malamocco and then to Alberoni. The channel of Malamocco must be crossed by ferry to arrive to the island of Pellestrina. Pedalling along San Pietro in Volta, you can stop for lunch at "Da Nane" Restaurant, phone +39 041 5279100, then you pass through a fishermen's village: Pellestrina. Finally you must cross the channel by ferry from Ca' Roman to reach at last Chioggia.

Lido on bike - Rentals: telephone +39 041 5268019, Gran Viale 21/b.

Biciclette Gardin: tel. +39 041 2760005, Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta 2/a.

Venice Bike Rental: ph. +39 041 5261480, Gran Viale 79a.



These slow boats have the same use of a van but are suitable for travelling on water. Due to its reduced speed, a houseboat will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and memorable excursion around the Venice lagoon. Some of following rentals companies offer departures from other cities like Chioggia-Sottomarina or Mantua.

Houseboat: tel. +39 0426 666025

Rendez-vous-Fantasia: telephone +39 041 5510400

Houseboat, departures to Venice: telephone +39 0522 739019


This is much more than a rental service. Andreas Gtz, who has adopted Venice as his home, offers you the unique opportunity to learn rowing "alla veneta" (standing). This is a real rowing school indeed. It will be not possible to become a skilled Venice gondolier in such a short time but it's fun to try it. This experience will be surely unforgettable!

Giro Vogando: telephone +39 339 6077542

vaporetti rentals


In order to get vaporetti rentals please contact Actv, +39 041 2722421. Actv requires a minimum 3-hour rental. Renting a vaporetto represents the best opportunity for groups that wish to see Venice and its lagoon from the water.

helicopters rentals


In Venice are available helicopters rentals (with pilot) by Heliairvenice, located at Nicelli, Lido airport. Taking a look to Venice and its lagoon from high even only for a few minutes offers a unique experience, a memorable one! Tours from euros 110 per person. For further info please contact +39 041 5260215.

motoscooter rentals


Motoscooter rentals are available at Lido di Venezia by Venice Scooter Rental, Via Angelo Emo 2, from april 19 to october 19.
For further information, contact Sebastiano at cellphone +39 327-7164399.

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