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In Venice there are many events in the evening for people who like classical music. Some orchestras frequently organize concerts inside of churches or ancient "Great Schools". These special places offer to the audience the same eighteen century atmosphere created by Antonio Vivaldi's music (called "The Red Priest", because of his red hair). Other remarkable masters of Baroque music in Venice were: Baldassarre Galuppi called "Il Buranello", Tommaso Albinoni and Benedetto Marcello. We recommend the main Venice musical groups as follows:

Interpreti Veneziani

Church of San Vidal

The Interpreti Veneziani since 1987 have performed their own season consisting of more than 200 concerts at San Vidal Church and at Scuola Grande di San Rocco as well. The talent of the members of this group, their expertise as soloists and ensemble musicians and the high level of their performances have earned the Interpreti an enthusiastic welcome from both audiences and critics. The group plays music by Vivaldi, Mozart, Albinoni, Corelli and Pergolesi. In San Maurizio Church we recommend a visit to the Museo della Musica (Venice Music's Museum), free admittance (from 9.30 to 19.00).

Information, tel. +39 041 2770561, fax +39 041 2770593.

Concerts start at 9.00pm.

The San Vidal Church (San Vitale) was founded at the end of the eleventh century during the age of doge Vitale Falier in honour of the saint who had his same name. It was rebuilt towards the beginning of the '700 by Andrea Tirali. The facade, of 1700, is in classical Palladian inspiration style. In its interior some paintings of Giambattista Piazzetta and Vector Carpaccio are still visible.

Ensamble Antonio Vivaldi

Church of San Giacometto

The orchestra Ensamble Antonio Vivaldi starts with the joining of renowed musical talents together, coming from the best known Italian musical schools. International masters and singers will execute celebrated music by Vivaldi, Mozart, Haendel, Albinoni and so forth. These elegant concerts will lead you into a romantic atmosphere in one of the most ancient and evocative churches of Venice: S. Giacometto, traditionally considered to be the oldest in Venice (5th century).

Information: tel. +39 041 4266559, fax +39 041 5625055

Concerts start at 8.45 pm.

The date for the founding of the Church of S. Giacomo di Rialto is 421, the very year that Venice itself was founded. The fine Gothic entrance portico, added subsequently, and the great clock built in 1410, give to the facade its distinctive character. Substantial restorations were carried out, however the simple Greek-cross structure reproduces faithfully that of the original Byzantine building.

I Musici Veneziani

Scuola S. Teodoro

The orchestra I Musici Veneziani, composed by the most accomplishes Venice's virtuosos, performs concerts and music dedicated to Vivaldi (The Four Seasons) and Opera Concerts (Baroque and Opera) in which the internationally renowed soprano and baritone singers perform the most enchanting music of the Baroque period. The concerts, enhanced by 18th century costumes, are performed in the prestigious Scuola Grande di S. Teodoro in Rialto.

Information, tel. +39 041 5210294.

Concerts start at 8.30pm.

The Great School of San Teodoro was built in the same place where was rising the S. Teodoro (first patron of Venice) Church. The School, sixth among the "Great Schools" of Venice, was ended in 1613, while the facade in baroque style was built in the 1648. Inside his interior are remarkable the Capitulating Hall and a Palma the Young painting, "The Announcing Angel"

Virtuosi di Venezia

Ateneo San Basso

The orchestra Virtuosi di Venezia reproposes in its concerts the atmosphere and the genius of Vivaldi's compositions. The Ensamble and the musical formation have both been chosen to recall the exact situation in which Vivaldi worked. Even the decision to perform in the prestigious Ateneo di S. Basso in Saint Mark's Square follows this direction: in fact it has the same dimensions of the Venice Pietą Institute music hall in which "The Red Priest" composed.

Information, tel. +39 041 5282825.

Concerts start at 8.30.

Ateneo of San Basso (ex San Basso Church): it was founded in 1076, so, following a devastating fire, it was rebuilt in 1676 on Belshazzar Longhena project. This religious building was closed to the cult in 1810 as consequence to the Napoleonic reforms on Venice. In its interior are valuable the organ portelle painted by Gentile Bellini.

Collegium Ducale

Santa Maria Formosa Church

Collegium Ducale brings together in one group musicians from the best orchestras of Venice. The ensemble is prepared to execute a repertoire ranging from the baroque to twentieth century music. Well-known soloists contribute both to the whole of the performance and as featured virtuosos. The orchestra has been performing in Venice since 1993. The concerts are performed in Santa Maria Formosa Church and in the Prisons, linked to the Doge's Palace by the bridge of Sighs.

Information, tel. and fax +39 041 984252.

Concerts start at 9.00pm.

Santa Maria Formosa Church was founded in the seventh century, but rebuilt in 1492 on project of Mauro Codussi. It is located on the homonymous square, one of the most characteristic in Venice. It has two facades, that facing the channel was built in 1542, while that on the homonymous square was built in 1604. The bell tower in baroque style was finished in 1688. In its interior are valuable some paintings of Giambattista Tiepolo, Bartolomeo Vivarini, Jacopo Palma the Old and Jacopo Palma the Young.

Musiche al Tempo dei Dogi (Music of Doge's age)

Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti

We would like to point out this Festival that performs concerts of ancient Venetian music throughout spring-summer inside Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti, located in Barbaria delle Tole, near San Giovanni e Paolo Square. The Festival has been organized in Venice since 2005 by Accademia Musicale Italiana. The repertoire passes through different ages and styles: from ancient-medieval music, Renaissance and Baroque, to the classic and romantic age, to the new styles of the twentieth century, and to the classics of jazz music as well.

Information, tel. +39 041 526427.

Concerts start at 6.00pm.

The Santa Maria dei Derelitti Church is in baroque style and was finished in 1678 on project of Belshazzar Longhena, which planned also a famous Basilica of Venice, the Madonna della Salute. Among the other internal paintings can be admired "The Annunciation" by Jacopo Palma the Young and "Abraham's sacrifice" by Giambattista Tiepolo. Furthermore are remarkable the chorus and the gilt organ. Santa Maria dei Derelitti and its Music Hall are open on Fridays and Saturdays 3pm-6pm. For further information phone +39 041 2719012.

Opera di Venezia

Scuola Grande dei Carmini

The orchestra Opera di Venezia, composed by internationally renowed baritones and soprano, performs "All Women Behave Like This" (music by Mozart), among the most extraordinary of his works, or "Il Barbiere di Siviglia", immortal music masterpiece by Rossini, probably one of the most well-known opera buffa all time. Both operas are performed by "Opera di Venezia" integrally in stage form with 18th century costumes inside Scuola Grande dei Carmini (Santa Margherita Square). Ticket price includes the guided tour in English inside of the Tiepolo museum.

Information, telephone +39 041 0994371, fax +39 041 5625055.

The museum tour starts at 8.00pm.

Concerts start at 8.30pm.

The Great School dei Carmini was finished in 1670 under the direction of Belshazzar Longhena, the most famous architect of baroque age in Venice. This School is considered very important for the big amount of Giambattista Tiepolo paintings. The Superior Hall is valuable with the famous ceiling, beautified by G.B Tiepolo paintings.

Concerts Season - Frari Church

Frari's Church

Frari Church offers (Spring-Fall) weekly classical music concerts (except Summer) performed by groups from Venice, Italy and abroad as well. The repertoire passes through Vivaldi to Bach and from Mendelssohn to Mozart. The concerts performing music with organ are celebrated (there are three operating organs inside of Frari Basilica). The concerts are organized by the supervisor Ms. Margherita Gianola.

For information please address to Frari Basilica entrance (phone +39 041 2728618, 9am-5,30pm), or by "Vivaldi Store" (near the Rialto Bridge, Venice, S. Bartolomeo 5537/40), tel. +39 041 5221343.

Concerts start at 9pm.

Frari Basilica has been built by the Franciscan, brothers of St. Francis of Assisi, replacing an older and smaller sacred building located in the same area. The construction in Gothic style has been very slow, from 1340 till 1443. The Bell Tower is one of the highest in Venice (a.d. 1396). Inside of Frari Basilica there are many masterpieces among which is Canova Monument, the celebrated painting "The Assumption of Mary" by Titian (the greatest painter of Venice), and the Wooden Choir. In Frari Basilica were buried six Doges and Titian as well. Inside of Canova Monument is located an urn which contains his heart. The admittance costs 3 euros per person.

Orchestra da Camera di Venezia

Ca' Rezzonico

Orchestra da Camera di Venezia performs two remarkable concert seasons: in spring and in autumn. The group has performed many concerts in Italy and abroad, taking part moreover at a lot of classical music festivals and getting a good success of critic and audience. All of their music is played in the beautiful "Salone da Ballo" of Ca' Rezzonico Palace, ancient house of the omonymus family and actually seat of the "Museo del Settecento Veneziano".

Telephone and fax +39 041 5241143.

Concerts: h. 6,30pm, on Sundays only.

Barbarigo Palace

Musica a Palazzo

The group Musica a Palazzo, composed by liryc singers with international experience, performs "La Traviata" (music by Verdi), or "The Barber of Seville" (music by Rossini), or "Love Duets" songs chosen among celebrated works. Concerts are performed inside an historical building of Venice, the Barbarigo-Minotto Palace on the Grand Canal. The palace is located at a 5-minute walk from the Accademia Bridge and at 8-minute walk from St. Mark's Square.

For info. phone +39 340 9717272.

Concerts start at 8.30pm.

Opera House

S. Giovanni Evangelista

The group Opera House, composed by celebrated international lyric singers performs "La Boheme" (music by Puccini), or "The Barber of Seville" (music by G. Rossini), or "La Traviata" work in three acts (music by Giuseppe Verdi). All the operas are performed inside one of the six main Schools of the ancient Venice: the Great School of S. Giovanni Evangelista, located at a 5-minute walk from both Piazzale Roma and the train station.

For further info., phone +39 041 0994371.

Concerts start at 8.30pm.

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