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Venice is easy to reach by car using these highways and motorways. Just follow the detailed road signs.

The motorways to drive to get to Venice are: the SS 11 from Padua-Turin (Brentana-Padana), the SS 13 from Treviso (Terraglio), the SS 14 from Trieste (Triestina) and the SS 309 from the Adriatic Coast (Romea). The highways to drive in order to arrive to Venice are: the A 4 from Turin or from Trieste, the A 13 from Bologna and the A 27 from Belluno.

Ponte della Libertà

The last stretch of road necessary to get into Venice by car is formed by the Ponte della Libertà (the Liberty Bridge). It was built in only 21 months between 1931 and 1933 and was called Ponte del Littorio. The chief engineer was Eugenio Miozzi that projected many other bridges in the city, among which the most celebrated is the "Ponte degli Scalzi", located in front of the train station. At that age, with its almost four kilometers of length, this bridge was the longest in the world, actually it's the longest in Italy. Since 1945 it has been called Ponte della Libertà and it links, along with the Railway Bridge (inaugurated in 1846, during the Austrian dominion), the historical centre with the mainland. In 1849 were demolished many arcades by Venetian patriots in order to stop the Austrian soldiers.


Piazzale Roma

We do inform you that no cars, scooters or bicycles are allowed in the historical center at all. The last place for parking these vehicols is Piazzale Roma.

Car parkings are often booked during special events like Redentore or Carnival and it means long queues waiting for your turn. In this case we suggest you to go straight to some car parkings located outside Venice, parking your car there and then get into Venice by public means of transportation.

Venice - Piazzale Roma:These parkings areas allow direct access (by foot) to the City, you don't need to take further means of transportation to get to Venice.

Venice car parking

Autorimessa Comunale ASM: tel. +39 041 2727211, daily rate € 26,00.

Garage San Marco: phone +39 041 5232213, price per day: 30,00 euros.

Park S. Andrea (ex ACI): tel. +39 041 2727304, € 6,00 every two hours.

Autopark Doge: telephone +39 041 5202489, daily rate € 35,00.

Autorimessa Toderini: phone +39 041 5207979, 4 euros per hour.

Garage Venezia: telephone +39 041 5228725, closed in the night.

Parking for disabled people

In Venice and Mestre are available some free car parking areas for disabled people. It's possible to book in advance: ph. +39 041 2727301. Informa Handicap offers assistance to disable visitors in Venice, please contact +39 041 2748144.

In Piazzale Roma is available a luggage storage, it's located next to Pullman Bar. Opening hours: 6am-9pm (Mon-Sun), euro 7,00 per piece of luggage per day. For further information, tel. +39 041 5231107.

Autorimessa Comunale

In Venice, at Piazzale Roma there are not only car parking areas but there are even the ticket offices of Atvo (tlf. +39 0421 383671) and Actv from 7,30 am to 7,30 pm (for Actv "lost and found" please contact +39 041 2722179). On the opposite side of Autorimessa Comunale are located the public toilets (opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm, costs 1,50 euro) and the porters , tlf. +39 041 713719.

Under the Autorimessa Comunale car parking there is an information desk, please contact +39 041 5298711.


Venice - Tronchetto, Isola Nuova:This car parking is linked to the City by bus (line 6/) or by "vaporetto" (line 2, Actv public waterbus).

Garage Venezia Tronchetto: tel. +39 041 5207555, daily rate € 21,00.

Before crossing the Tronchetto Bridge, on the right, just in front of the Venice Cruise Terminal is available the Scalo Fluviale Parking, phone +39 041 5222391, cost 15 euros every 12 hours. From here to Piazzale Roma is a 7 minute-walk.

Mestre - Stazione Car Parking: Parking your car in front of Mestre train station is a solution that requires you to take a bus (line 2) or any train you want to the City. Daily rate: Mon-Fri 10 euros, Sat-Sun 12-14 euros.

Parking Stazione: telephone +39 041 938021

Green Park

Marghera - Pili Car Parking: From these car parking areas, located just before the long Ponte (bridge) della Libertà, (linking the City to the mainland), in Via Righi, it is possible to reach the historical center by a 5 minute bus ride.

Park 2000 ai Pili: phone +39 041 5318670, € 5,00 from midnight to next midnight.

Green Park: telephone +39 041 5317315, daily rate 5,00 euros.

Fusina Parking: This car parking is linked to downtown by "vaporetto" (public waterbus transportation, Fusina - Zattere, one ride costs € 8, round-trip € 13). Price per day € 15,00.

Speedboat to Fusina

Terminal Fusina Venezia: phone +39 041 5470160

San Giuliano Parking: This parking area has access by many lines to downtown (lines 5, 12, 19, and 24). The stop is easy to reach in about a 5 minute walk.

ASM S. Giuliano: ph. +39 340 7038574 (8am-8pm), price up to 3 hours € 2,00, all day € 5,00.

Note: tickets for "vaporetti" are available on board while tickets for both bus and train are available in ticket offices.

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